Tight Squeeze!

CAMPGROUND: A Harvest Host site – Christian Kaye Winery

LOCATION: Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania in SW part of state

WEATHER: Very autumn-like. Sunny. High 65

We started to pull out of our campsite, but realized that it would be extremely tight. There were two big trees on either side of the road in front of our site where we had to turn. George is an excellent driver. Several other campers helped us spot on all sides. He got through one tight area and everyone applauded, only to encounter another set of trees, equally difficult to get through. There was probably less than an inch on either side. The Airstream got scratched, but not seriously. Finally, we did it. Everyone waved goodbye to us. Whew!

I drove about 6 hours from NE Pennsylvania to SW Pennsylvania, mostly on busy interstates and over lots of hills. There weren’t any rest stops, so we missed lunch.

We are in the far south of Pennsylvania and actually drove through the northern edge of Maryland. We are also next to West Virginia.

We arrived at our Harvest Host site about 3:00. We really enjoy Harvest Host “camping”. It is an association of wineries, breweries, organic farms, etc that allow RVers to park free on their land at no charge, for one night, without any services. If you join, give them our name, and we get a month free! Www.harvesthosts.com

After parking (we did not unhook), we tasted some of their wine and talked with the owner. They have a nice patio where we enjoyed the beautiful fall day. A group came in to go on a hayride and a tour of the vineyard.

This is a very historical area. This farm was once deeded to George Washington. There is a big national park nearby where George Washington won his first battle.

The winery owners also run a distillery next door, so we checked it out, too.

DINNER: Fried rice with leftover pork chops, onions, garlic, red peppers, and garlic.

We listened to West Virginia Public Radio (surprisingly good).

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