Out of Propane!

LOCATION: Outside of Benton, Pennsylvania

CAMPGROUND: Ricketts Glen State Park. See previous description

WEATHER: Rain, then sun. High 70

As I mentioned yesterday, the propane ran out while I was cooking dinner last night. Normally that would not be a big deal….I could use electric appliances and switch the refrigerator to electricity mode. However, we are at a remote campground without electricity. So, we ate a semi-cold dinner last night, and just hoped that the food in the refrigerator would stay cold enough overnight.

It absolutely poured all night long. Puddles everywhere when we got up this morning. The first thing we did was to ask the park ranger for the nearest propane filling station, and went there to pick up the tanks. Since George can’t lift anything, I had to cart the unwieldy, heavy tank around. But happily we got it hooked up again and we are now “cooking with gas”, as they say.

We found another little town to explore. This one has a library, and the kind ladies at their front desk helped us log on to their internet. After catching up with internet stuff, we had lunch in the local diner. Again, super cute and cheap. We shared a bowl of soup and a corned beef sandwich.

Back at the campground, we tried to take another hike, but the trails were flooded from last night’s rain…

So, we hiked around the campsites, watching the campground fill up on a Friday evening. I built yet another great fire, and we enjoyed the beautiful evening. Our site is right on the lake. This is the view from the trailer….

I hooked up the trailer so we can get an early start tomorrow morning.

DINNER: Grilled hamburgers with blue cheese. I baked the ciabatta rolls in the propane oven and they turned out well. Tomatoes from a farm stand nearby with basil was the side.

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