Not my favorite driving….

LOCATION: Benton, Pennsylvania in northeast part of state

CAMPGROUND: Ricketts Glen State Park. Very woodsy and picturesque. Our site is paved and right on the lake. No services. Nice bathroom. $23/night. 4 stars out of 5.

WEATHER: Rain, rain, rain. High 75

The day was spent mostly on the road. Thank goodness we had hooked up last night, so we didn’t have to do it in the rain this AM. We got an early start of 8:00 AM, and stopped at a McDonalds along the way for wifi and coffee.

George cannot drive for 6 weeks, so it is up to me for the trip back to Texas. Today was driving that I love — in the wind and rain, on ugly interstates with big trucks passing, merging traffic, and cities. Not! With white knuckles, I had to go through Binghampton and Syracuse, NY. As we were driving right through the center of Syracuse, the backup camera jiggled and went out. Kind of scary not to be able to see around me.

Lunch was at a rest stop. The nice thing about pulling a trailer is that we don’t have to just eat sandwiches, or eat at fast food restaurants for lunch. We can use the propane stove to warm up leftovers or soup.

Once off the interstate, we drove on country roads through PA. We went through a valley that had serious flood damage. We arrived at the park at about 3:00.

We had selected this park as it is in my book “Thousand Places in the USA and Canada to See Before You Die”. It is famous for its waterfalls. They should be really roaring with the rain they have had in this area. We will be here 3 nights.

I made a campfire by myself, and I must say that it turned out well….

Then, it started to rain again, and we had to come in.

DINNER: A candlelight dinner (since we are trying to save on our battery) of pork chops in a red wine/portobello sauce with sauteed potatoes on the side. Nice!

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