Not just a walk in the woods….

LOCATION: Near Benton, Pennsylvania

CAMPGROUND: Ricketts Glen State Park. See yesterday’s description

WEATHER: After a downpour during the night, today was sunny and warm – 70s

This campground is very remote. 20 miles to the closest town. There isn’t even cell service here. We drove into town looking for wifi. Nothing, not even a library. So, we did laundry, then had lunch in a cute “home- cooking” kind of place. We tried their pirogies, since they seem popular here.

We stopped at a really cute farm stand and bought some fruit and veg.

Back to the campground, where we did one of the famous hikes this park is known for. The most popular trail takes hikers by 21 waterfalls. The park ranger warned us that parts are very steep, and possibly slippery after the rain. The trail is categorized as “most difficult”!!!! But, we started off anyway. Immediately, the stony trail was straight downhill. With our walking sticks, we slowly made it down.

We passed several of the beautiful falls. Since it has been raining so much, the falls are full of water and it was really roaring. One misstep and we would be in the water!

This one was particularly pretty. The woman taking our photo told us not to back up much farther!

After we made it to the most dramatic falls, with a 95-foot fall, we headed back. Keeping in mind that he had triple bypass surgery just 3 weeks ago, George did amazingly well!

Back at the campground, I made another great (so I think) campfire.

DINNER: Chicken legs and wings from a rotisserie chicken with veg from the farmers’ market. I had planned to make a side of pasta in cream sauce, but the propane went out right in the middle of my cooking! It is particularly bad because we don’t have electricity either. We will keep the refrigerator closed and hope that the food stays cool until we can find some propane tomorrow.

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