Touring the Thousand Islands

LOCATION: Wellesley Island in the Thousand Island area

CAMPGROUND: Wellesley Island State Park. See previous description

WEATHER: Very nice fall day. Sunny. High 65

This are has been on our bucket list, and we were anxious to tour the Thousand Islands. Due to being off-season, the 10:00 cruise was canceled, so we had an hour to kill before the 11:00 one. We found a local diner for a cup of coffee. It was like being in the 60s – the real thing. We split a muffin, then George had to get a piece of homemade apple pie. The waitresses greeted the customers by name. Just classic. ……and cheap! Seeing Thousand Island salad dressing on the menu (served with salads and on hamburgers), I asked about its history. The waitress said that there are several legends about its origin. One is that a restaurant in a nearby seaside town invented it. Another was that Mr. Boldt, of Boldt Castle, asked his chef one day for something different for his salad. The waitress gave me their restaurant’s recipe. Apparently, chili sauce is the special ingredient.

The cruise on the St. Lawrence River was about 3 hours. Even though the boat was enclosed, it was a bit chilly. We sailed through many of the islands on both the Canadian and US side. We learned that there are actually 1864 Islands, not just 1000. The majority are on the Canadian side. Almost every island has a house on it. Some are tiny; some are large. Many of the houses are beautiful, including those on “millionaires’ row”. It is interesting to think that the water flows from Duluth, Minnesota to the Gulf of St. Lawrence where we were in Gaspe, just a few weeks ago.

The cruise stopped at Boldt Castle on its own Heart Island. We learned the history of the castle, built by the manager of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

After the cruise, we visited a few little seaside towns and did grocery shopping. Today is my birthday. It was weird – I was carded at the grocery store buying George some beer!

I don’t like to cook meat inside the trailer, so we planned to grill tonight. While shopping, we stocked up on meats and cooked them all tonight on the grill for future dinners. Then, while the fire was still hot, I cooked tonight’s dinner…

DINNER: Lightly fried squid and shrimp, using a fish breading mix we had enjoyed with our Nova Scotia friends while camping in New Brunswick. Side was rice and peas. We now have a freezer full of cooked meats for upcoming meals.

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