Day trip to celebrate first day of autumn

LOCATION: Burlington, Vermont

CAMPGROUND: North Beach Municipal Park. See previous description

WEATHER: First day of fall, and it feels like it! Crisp, sunny and cool. High 60

Today, we did a road trip to Middlebury, about 35 miles south of here. The drive was very pleasant, passing lots of farmstands with pumpkins proudly displayed and sunflowers in the fields. Quintessential New England, with beautiful farms and quaint farmhouses.

Middlebury is the home of Middlebury College, a famous liberal arts school that I almost attended, due to its reputation for having a good foreign language program. College kids and alumni were gathering for tailgating parties before the Saturday afternoon football game.

We found a local farmers’ market and bought some veg, fruit and a freshly baked baguette.

Then, a brewpub of course! This one was really nice. We shared a sampler of beers and some brisket that they had just smoked outside.

Back in Burlington, we thought we would go on a cruise around Lake Champlain. Since today was a beautiful Saturday, people were everywhere downtown, and parking was just impossible. So, we had to give up that idea, and returned to the campground to chill. Campers have poured in today, as it is the weekend.

DINNER: A melange of sauteed vegetables from the farmers’ market – banana pepper, zucchini, garlic, red onions, fresh basil, and heirloom tomatoes. Main course was salmon burgers. Yum! Dessert was fresh raspberries from the farmers’ market with goat milk yogurt. Fantastic!

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