28 Brewpubs?

LOCATION: Burlington, Vermont

CAMPGROUND: North Beach Municipal Park. See previous description

WEATHER: Super windy and rainy.

The campground has free wifi with the best reception in the office. They kindly offer free coffee, so we did some internet stuff and enjoyed a coffee.

I’ve been having some ear issues, so we went to an urgent care center. It turns out that I had wax buildup in my ear. After cleaning it again, I could hear again. Magic! What a relief!

We wanted to go to another brewpub for lunch. When I googled brewpubs in Burlington, I found a website called “The 28 Best Brewpubs in Burlington”. 28! So we decided to go to Magic Hat, which is a well-known one. It was pretty nifty.

We shared some tacos and a beer sampler. Very tasty!

From there, we went from low-brow to high-brow, visiting the Shelburne Museum. It is a collection of buildings on beautiful grounds. Some of the buildings house artwork; some are historic buildings. We walked all around. This round barn was impressive….

On our way back to the campground, we stopped by the Shelburne Winery for a tasting. I got a new wine glass with the tasting, which I needed after breaking the only one we had in the camper

We stopped at a local co-op with wonderful fruits and veg.

DINNER: Chicken/vegetable noodle soup. Great on a cool night like this.

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