Parking challenges in Burlington

LOCATION: Burlington, Vermont

CAMPGROUND: North Beach Municipal Park. See previous description

WEATHER: Very pleasant. A bit of fall in the air. High mid-60s

After a quiet morning of internet work and laundry, we headed to town for lunch. George wanted to go to Vermont’s. oldest brewpub. The streets in Burlington are pretty narrow, and our pickup seems very big and unwieldy. The brewpub, unfortunately, is located smack-dab in the middle of downtown. Some of the streets are pedestrian only. Most of the parking is parallel parking, which I absolutely cannot do with the pickup, unless there are about 3 spaces empty. We spotted a parking garage and I headed into it. After I entered, I saw a sign saying that it was private parking only. Oh no! So I had to back up. A kind businessman asked me what I was doing. I explained. He stopped pedestrian and car traffic for me and even asked one car to move so I could get back on the street. So kind! We finally found a regular parking lot and had to walk quite a ways back to the pub. I sure miss George’s driving!

We had a nice lunch -shared two soups – seafood chowder and Vermont cheddar ale. Then, we took the pickup to the Dodge dealer for an oil change.

Burlington has a lot of bicyclists. There are very nice bike paths everywhere. Our campground is next to one that follows the lake. I took a walk on it to downtown, about 1.5 miles each way. It was quite nice. Lots of joggers, walkers, and cyclists. I watched them set up for the downtown’s Octoberfest that starts this weekend in Waterfront Park.

Since George can’t lift much still, I was in charge of making the campfire. I finally got it going….

DINNER: Lots of things from the farmers’ market…..I made bruschetta….. Baguette slices with mozzarella cheese, salami, heirloom tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green onions and red bell pepper. Side was green beans.

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