Vermont has kind people, too!

CAMPGROUND: North Beach Municipal Park. See previous description

LOCATION: Burlington, Vermont

WEATHER: Beautiful. Unseasonably warm. Breaking temp records – 86 high

We are here in Burlington so that George can receive some post-surgery care here at the Univ of VT Hospital. He needs some blood work done and dressing changes on his leg, where they had cut a long line to remove a vein used for the bypass.

I dropped him off at the ER entrance, and attempted to park. I cannot tell a lie – I am a terrible parker and an even worse “backer-upper”. The parking garage had a sign saying that some of the deck had low clearance, so I had to find a spot on the level with a higher ceiling. There weren’t many spaces available, and they were all super narrow. Of course, cars were zooming around looking for spaces. I finally tried to get into one. It was a straight-in, narrow, short space. I sort of angled in, and my end stuck out. I realized that it was terrible parking. When I tried to straighten up, I inched even closer to the car next to me. I couldn’t leave it like that, as I had cut off the car next to me from backing up. I got out and flagged down a man walking down the row, assuming that he was a security guard. I asked him if he could help me get out of the space. When he got closer to me, I saw his name tag – he is a physician, not a security guard! I felt embarrassed, but he reassured me that he could help. He backed it out successfully, and instructed me to follow him so that I could use his bigger, wider, and longer space.

How kind!

George got his leg fixed up and the doctor prescribed a different medicine that won’t need periodic blood tests. So, we won’t have to go through this hospital ER visit experience again.

We had a quiet evening. We are enjoying public TV – there are more than 10 PBS stations here!

DINNER: Curried chicken lentil soup

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