The Reids are on the Road again!

LOCATION: Burlington, Vermont

CAMPGROUND: North Beach Municipal Park. Very accommodating…had a handicapped spot on hold for us. Super crowded due to a concert in town. Electricity and water on site. The handicapped site is the only paved one. Dated bathrooms. Free wifi, but it doesn’t work. $40/night. 3 stars out of 5.

WEATHER: Unseasonably warm. High 88

We are back on the road. YAY! George was released on Friday from the hospital in Quebec City, after 26 days in a hospital. He was more than ready to get out. They kept him longer than normal to make sure he was well enough to be in a car. They emphasized that we needed to get to a US hospital ASAP for blood tests and dressing changes. (If you haven’t read previous blogs, he had open heart surgery following a heart attack while camping in the Gaspe’ Peninsula).

He received care at the urgent care facility, then the community hospital, and finally the heart specialty hospital in Quebec City. The language barrier was interesting. Since he was there so long, we got to know a lot of the nurses.. These are some recollections I wrote while there….

Body functions continue to be a source of humor. (Yes, Mike, he did do #2!). Now with new RNs on a new floor, we are using the words pee pee and poo poo. Today the nurse brought it some brown liquid in a cup, that looked quite suspicious. She didn’t know how to explain the liquid, so she said it was “caca” (the universal word for do-do). Again, we did our little 20 Questions game, throwing out the words “laxative”, “stool softener”, etc. trying to guess what the liquid was. Finally, he tasted it and discovered it was prune juice. Again, so cute.

An aide just came in (one of those guys with a shaved head and a man-bun) asking about “toilet”. I nodded “pee pee” and shook my head no for “poo poo” He repeated, “pee pee oui”, “poo poo, ca-ca no”. It sounded like a singsong; we all giggled.

Our surgeon is considered to be one of the best in all of Canada. He is the Chief of Surgery.


Upon release, we drove back to pick up the Airstream. Waiting for us was our wonderful camping friend, Chantal, whom we previously called our “911 lady”. She rounded up the paramedic who had originally driven us to the local urgent care (right beside the campground), and the campground owner. They hooked us up quickly and we said fond farewells. The campground owner would not accept any money for the 26 days when the Airstream was parked in the campground. We teared up..

We drove about 8 hours, stopping frequently for George to rest. He cannot drive for 2 months, so I’m the new driver!

We pulled into a Walmart and camped in their parking lot, along with a lot of other RVs.

The next morning, we got an early start and drove another 8 hours, this time by busy Quebec City, and almost through super busy Montreal. I was very stressed driving in the traffic pulling the Airstream.

We’ll stay here a few days to rest and to see what medical follow-up is needed. Thanks to everyone for kind messages and thoughts.

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