Exploring eastern point of Gaspe’ Peninsula

LOCATION: Perce’, Quebec on eastern point of Gaspe’ Peninsula

CAMPGROUND: Geoparc de Perce

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. Highs 70s

The French Canadians are a bit cavalier about nudity. Last time when we were here, I was shocked to see a guy in the ladies’ bathrooms, showering with his wife. I guess they were trying to economize on the $.50 showers! This morning, the cleaning MAN ushered me into the bathroom as he cleaned other stalls. He continued working as I took a shower. Why not?

We took a scenic drive up on the hills of the peninsula to see the view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the famous “Rock” near the town of Perce’ below. Then, we stopped at the brewery where they make the beer for the pub in our campground. It has a beautiful location on the beach.

A shared “Gaspe’ Platter” was our lunch at a restaurant that used to be a cod fishing processing plant. The platter consisted of pickled whelks, cod mousse, maple-soaked smoked salmon, and regular smoked salmon. Quite tasty!

DINNER: Leftover chili with leftover grill hamburger, over couscous. Side was cole slaw.

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