An All-day Hike on Perce’ Rock

LOCATION: Perce’, Quebec on the eastern point of the Gaspe’ Peninsula

CAMPGROUND: Geoparc de Perce’

WEATHER: Perfect for hiking. Sunny. High mid 70s

Today was spent hiking Bonaventure Island, Perce’ Rock, a very popular national park. We walked just a few feet to the harbor to catch the boat. The hour-long boat ride was pretty choppy. (The woman behind us threw up the whole way). We circled the rock with the arch, then circled Bonaventure Island in order to see the gannets clinging to the cliffs.

This island is most famous for the Northern Gannet birds. They spend summers here and migrate to the Gulf of Mexico in the winter. We hiked about an hour across the island, ending in the bird colony. Wow! More than 100,000 birds call this home from March to October. We could hear them before we could see them. The birds mate for life and return to the very same nest every year. We watched the parents feed the babies (almost ready to leave the nest) and were fascinated with the behaviors of others – fighting, preening, fencing, and swooping.

From the bird colony, we took another 2-hour hike around the south end of the island, following the cliffs. We watched seals cavorting while we had a picnic of bread, cheese, and pate’. Very nice!

No one lives on the island now, but in the 1800s and 1900s, there were about 100 people living here, mostly cod fishermen.

We were pretty bushed after our all-day hike, so relaxed in the evening.

DINNER: Leftover shrimp and rice. Added sautéed cole slaw to it as a stir-fry.

Camping without electricity is not bad when A/C is not needed. Need to charge up ipad, though. Will have to wait until tomorrow and charge it while driving. Bummer not having a book to read!

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