Bon jour, Quebec!

LOCATION: New Richmond, Quebec – on SW corner of Gaspe’ Peninsula

CAMPGROUND: Point Taylor Campground. Commercial park, but seems more like a state park. Woodsy. Spacious lots. Mostly hookups. Brand new bathroom. Laundry. Dish sinks. Wifi. Beach access. 25 USD/night for no-service site. 4 stars out of 5

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy and light rain. Clearing in PM. Cool – High 60s

We got every penny’s worth of our campground in Lameque, leaving at 10:59 AM (check-out was 11:00). We are so lucky that the weather for our stay here wasn’t like it is today – cold, windy and rainy. Good day for driving. Our destination was just across the Bay in Quebec, but we had to go south to leave the Acadian Peninsula, then southwest, then north to the Bay, and finally east starting around the Gaspe’.

Almost as soon as we entered Quebec, George saw a moose along the highway. Unfortunately, I was looking the other way and missed seeing it.

We gained an hour with Eastern Time Zone, which was good, as we started looking for a campground at 3:00. Everything seems super busy, and much more developed than it was 5 years ago, when we were here. The first campground we went to was completely full. This one had 2 slots available, both without services (meaning no electricity, water, sewer). Since we don’t need A/C, and we have plenty of water, the no-service site was fine. We were lucky to get one in the back next to the woods where we didn’t have to unhook.

As George was “doing his business” in the woods, he spotted a blanket of chanterelle mushrooms. What a find!

We took a walk to a fish market we had seen near the entrance of the park. It was a beautiful store. We bought some smoked eel to snack on, some sushi for tonight’s appetizer, and a live lobster to cook for dinner.

Back at the campground, we walked just a few feet from our site to the beach. You can see the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick, where we were just this morning, across the Bay.

George made a nice fire, and we prepared Larry our Lobster for his hot bath :-).

DINNER: Sushi appetizers (an assortment of crab, smoked salmon, tempura, and shrimp) with some Japanese sake’. First course was chanterelles. I tried to replicate the delicious appetizer we had last evening at the restaurant. I made a cream sauce (with lots of butter) and added that to the sautéed chanterelles. Pretty close to the restaurant version. Main course was the lobster. Cooked to perfection!

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