The end of the road…..literally!

LOCATION: Petite Lameque on the Acadian Peninsula in NE New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: Camping Lameque. Great. See previous description

WEATHER: Another beautiful day. Sunny. High 75

We started today with the wild blueberries we picked yesterday – blueberries on oatmeal for me and blueberry pancakes for others. What a treat!

Today, we drove to the end of the road. “Road ends in water” is certainly true. We drove across our island of Lameque out to Miscou Island. The lighthouse is the end of the road, as far north as you can go on the Acadian Peninsula. We could see the Gaspé Peninsula (Quebec) across the water.

After exploring the lighthouse and beach, and going on a boardwalk tour of a peat bog, we stopped at this super cute beach restaurant. It was just like Key West, only about 30 degrees cooler!

It is called “Resto La Terrazze a’ Steve”. The custom is to write your name on any wood surface in the restaurant. Tony borrowed a marker and went to work….

He wrote for us “Reids on the Road 2018”

And “Taj Me Haul” (the name of Tony and Jenny’s Rpod trailer) for them

We ate outside and watched the fishermen go by.

We shared a lobster “with secret sauce” and two pieces of sushi, and enjoyed the experience. We chatted with Steve, who seems like quite a character. There are only about 500 people living on this island, all involved in the fishing industry. Lobster and crab traps are in everyone’s yard.

Back at the campground, we relaxed and planned some of our next few days. I’m worried about not having camping reservations over Labor Day. I can’t find anything online with vacancies. George thinks we should “wing it”.

DINNER: My turn tonight. I fixed spaghetti with a tomato/veg/meat sauce. Side was cucumbers and tomatoes, along with some of the basil I have been babying along. Very Italian!

After dinner, we drove to a beach area to watch the fiery ball of sun set over the water. Magnificent!

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