Rain? Then, do laundry!

LOCATION: Kouchibiguac National Park in eastern New Brunswick

WEATHER: Rain, rain

CAMPGROUND: South Kouchibiguac in national park

A national park employee told us that we were almost guaranteed to see a moose, if we got up at dawn and drove to a particular area. So, we set our alarms for 4:30 AM, and took off It was pitch black, so we had to crawl along, afraid that we would run over some animal if we went too fast.

We saw 2 beautiful skunks, scurrying along in the ditch. About 5:15 AM, there was suddenly a lot of traffic. At first we couldn’t figure out why, then we remembered that today is the first day of lobster season, starting at 6:00 AM. These were the crew, rushing to board boats, in the general direction we were going.

To get off the highway, we turned into one of the park’s hiking trail parking lots. There, right in front of us, was a big black bear! He was scrounging through the garbage can. When we saw our lights, he blended into the woods.

On towards moose territory. By this time, it is dawn, prime time to see them as they move from bogs to the woods. Absolutely nothing! Nada! Zip! This is the closest we came to a moose….

So, we headed home, frustrated, but still happy we saw the skunks and bear.

When we returned, the downpour started. The unending rain meant that we had to ditch our plans for hikes. So, we decided to drive to town, do laundry, get some good wifi, do a little shopping, and have lunch.

We found a cute, local place for lunch. George and I shared a flatbread seafood pizza. Tony wanted to return to “regular” poutine after having experimented with the Acadian kind.

Everyone else seemed to have the same idea about doing laundry on a rainy day. The laundromat in town was packed. I managed to do 2 washing loads, but then had to wait and wait for dryers. Two of the five were broken. There were 2 other people ahead of me, so I decided it would take way too long. We headed back to the campground, and George dropped me off at the campground’s laundry. It too, was packed. Finally, I was able to dry our clothes, finishing up at 6:00 PM — the ordeal had taken me most of the day!

DINNER: Oysters on the half shell to start. Then, hot dogs with chili. Salad. A good, last meal for Kouchibiguac. Tomorrow we head to the Acadian Peninsula.

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