The highs and lows of Fundy

LOCATION: Fundy National Park in SE New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: Chignecto North within the park

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. Highs in upper 70s

We started the day with a delicious breakfast with our friends Tony and Jenny. Chef Tony cooked up some eggs and grits.

Then, we were off for another day along the Bay. We went to the rocks where we had been yesterday at high tide. This is a photo of the area below yesterday….

And, here it is today, 40 feet lower. What a contrast.

We climbed down the steps and “walked on the ocean floor”.

The rock formations are very interesting, including this one favored by George and Tony that looks like a man’s body part….

After a nice picnic there, we took the scenic route back home, stopping to look at an iconic lighthouse, and the interesting cairns on the beach.

Along the road, we spotted wild blueberries and stopped to pick some. They were all over the place! We will have blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

DINNER: It was Tony’s turn tonight. He steamed some new potatoes, green beans and carrots. Very tasty.

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