The prettiest little town in the South

LOCATION: Edenton, North Carolina – on the Atlantic Coast

WEATHER: 100. Sunny. Dripping humidity

We helped the homeowner get her pop-up camper ready and she headed off. A week of housesitting in a great location awaits us!

We went to the Visitors’ Center in the downtown area, which is a preserved old home on the waterfront. There, we learned that Edenton won the name “the prettiest little town in the South”. And, it is. The streets are lined with beautiful old Victorian homes, many of them B&Bs now. The waterfront is very pretty, with sailboats and fishing boats in the docks.

We inquired about fireworks, and will watch them near here……

We lined up a 45-minute cruise that we will take one day, leaving from the lighthouse…

While we are here, we will take care of a dog and 2 cats. The dog Chula looks like she is missing her owner a bit…

The cat, sprawled on the dining room table, doesn’t care about anything….

After a few morning chores, we spent most of the day in the truck, driving around the area in air-conditioned comfort.

DINNER: My last frozen leftovers. It was not labeled, so I really don’t know what it was, although it tasted good. Sometime Italian pasta dish with chicken, hamburger, and lots of cheese. A cooling cucumber/yogurt salad on the side. No more leftovers for awhile! Hope we can find some good seafood to buy here.

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