Getting together with relatives

LOCATION: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

WEATHER; Cooler. Highs mid-70s. Cloudy

We took advantage of the cooler weather and did a hike through the forest at our campground. Branches and trees were down all over the place, as a result of yesterday’s storm. Even though it was cooler, the humidity was 100% and we sweated profusely. It felt good to hike – the first time we have hiked in a long time.

We talked with a neighbor at the campground. He said when the limb hit our Airstream, he thought it was a gunshot.

We went back to the same bar/restaurant in Wilkesboro for lunch and wifi. It is really the only option in town. We shared a spicy chicken sandwich.

Then, we hit the road for Winston-Salem, George’s hometown. We had dinner and stayed overnight with his brother and sister-in-law.

DINNER: Take-out Greek pizza. Good!

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