Stormy weather

LOCATION: Wilkesboro, North Carolina

WEATHER; Hot and sunny AM; severe thunderstorms in PM

CAMPGROUND: Fort Hamby Army Corps of Engineers Park -see yesterday’s description

In the morning, we went into town to use wifi and to try to fix George’s phone. No luck.

We are in a conservative part of the state, and so there are no breweries. We did, however, find a good restaurant that has a lot of craft beers. We shared a sandwich for lunch which came with a mountain of fries. We poured on our favorite hot sauce – Texas Pete – made nearby in Winston-Salem.

Back at the campground, at about 4:00, the sky turned pitched black and a severe thunderstorm swept in. The weatherman predicted hail, lightening, thunder, and heavy rain. Thank goodness, the hail bypassed us but the wind blew down lots of tree limbs. As sticks and limbs hit the Airstream, it sounded like we were being bombed. One big limb hit so hard that the A/C vent inside on the ceiling fell down. Sudden mud rivers flowed under the RV. Water fell like torrents from the awning. Thunder crashed all around us. It was a bit scary.

We had the A/C on as it was hot and humid. The air was so damp that our air conditioner vents dripped with condensation. It rained inside! Finally the storm cleared and it brightened up outside. The weather front brought cool weather, so it was quite pleasant. We surveyed the outside of the Airstream, and found where the largest limb had hit. It dented the roof a bit. Thank goodness there wasn’t any more damage – especially to the A/C units!

DINNER: Another on-the-spot invention: a casserole made with leftover grilled hamburger, jalapeño pepper, taco sauce, corn tortillas, black beans, and cheese. I sprinkled lime juice on it to give it a kick. Mexican herbs. George loved it. Side was the last of our farmers’ market green beans purchase.

Surprisingly, we get 3 PBS channels here. We watched the news, then a 2-hour Downton Abbey special, episodes we hadn’t seen before. Quite nice!

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