Bustling Asheville

LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina

WEATHER: Very pleasant. Low humidity. High low 80s. Evenings in the 60s

CAMPGROUND: Last night at French Broad River RV. See previous description

Our campground is a bit on the sketchy side. There are several permanent trailers here that are a bit run-down. There are also several cabins for rent. This one looks like a gnome’s house….

This morning, I got my hair cut at the salon where our daughter works. Her salon is in the Biltmore Village area – right next to the famous mansion. They are having a special Chihuly art exhibit there. The Village has lots of high-end shops and restaurants, and is always packed with people.

We went to a brewpub for lunch. There seem to be about 100 breweries in town; I don’t know how they all make it. They all always seem to be busy. We shared a veggie burger that was quite good. The brewmaster was hard at work.

We picked up our daughter after work, with the plan to stroll around downtown Asheville and find a spot for dinner. There were so many people out enjoying the nice weather. All of restaurants seem to be bursting at the seams. We searched and searched for a parking space, but couldn’t find any. Craziness everywhere….

We finally found a restaurant outside of the main downtown area. It was very nice. We weren’t all that hungry, so shared some interesting appetizers…..gazpacho, grilled Brussels sprouts, beef filet tartare, and the house specialty – bone marrow broth. A nice change of pace.

Back at the RV park, we made a fire. Our first one in many many months. So nice to sit next to it and listen to the river rushing by.

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