On the edge….literally

LOCATION: Outside of Asheville, NC

WEATHER: Only need A/C midday. At night, we can leave the windows open and sleep listening to the river rushing by.

CAMPGROUND: French Broad River RV – see previous description

The day started out fine….I picked up our daughter and we did a little Walmart (ugh) shopping. Then things went downhill, or I should say uphill and downhill.

Asheville is very hilly. The GPS let me down again. It took me up a very steep, one-way street the wrong way. The hill was so steep that I could not see the road over the hood of the truck. When I realized that I was a on a one-way street and saw a truck approaching, I panicked. I tried to turn around in a driveway. I had to “gun it” to move the truck. Unfortunately, I had it in reverse, so when I accelerated, we went scarily fast down over a cliff. I braked just in time, as the truck started to fall backyards from a steep cliff with a garage below. The back of the truck was about 2 inches from the roof (the silver thing in the photo) of a garage below,

I was so afraid that the truck would slip farther down and destroy the garage, so I stayed in the truck with the brake on. My leg started cramping.

I didn’t have the phone with me. A truck coming the other way stopped, as I was blocking the intersection. He said he would call a wrecker for me. I waited and waited, and it did not come. Finally, the police came and a very kind policewoman called another wrecker. It came after I had waited for about 1.5 hours. I was so afraid that the truck would slip more, so I was so thankful when the wrecker got there.

He pulled me out and miraculously there was no damage. It could have been so much worse!

Stressed out to the max, I went back to the RV park. George was so worried. We drove to a really cute nearby town, where we stopped at a brewpub. Now feeling better….

DINNER: Shrimp and grits.

We get PBS on the TV here so I was thrilled to be able to watch Call the Midwife. Happy!

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