The Smokies are smokin’

LOCATION: Outside of Asheville, North Carolina

WEATHER: Yay! Much cooler. High 85. Cool at night

CAMPGROUND: French Broad River Campground. Private. Right (and I mean right) on the river, so beautiful views. Really run down. Full hook-ups. A rip-off at $48/night. All we could get near Asheville. 2 stars out of 5

One thing I don’t like about our Airstream is the cupboard above our bed. I almost always forget it is there when I make the bed, and so I conk it hard on the edge. Ouch! So, crafty George bought some foam and installed them on the bottom of the cupboards. They actually look quite nice…

We had a short, 150 mile drive today from Gainesville, Georgia to Asheville. Almost all of it was through the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. As we climbed (and as our gas mileage deteriorated), it got cooler and prettier. We drove through cut mountain, touristy villages.

It is easy to see how the Smoky Mountains got their name…..the mountains were grey/white with low-hanging fog.

We found the RV park and couldn’t believe how close it is to the water. The river flooded earlier this spring, and I’m sure the whole place was under water. Our Airstream, as well as all the other RVs, sticks out over the river. It was nerve-wracking to help George back it in. I was sure it was going to go into the river.

But, it is quite pretty, and it is nice to hear the river flowing by.

Our oldest daughter lives in Asheville and we are here to see her for a few days. We had some time before we were picking her up at work, so stopped at a brewpub. There were 3 within one block! We are in Asheville for sure!

We took our daughter shopping, then headed back late to the campground.

DINNER: Tacos. Nothing special, as it was too late to do much more.

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