Dumpster Diving!!!!!

LOCATION: Outside of Gainesville, Georgia – north of Atlanta


CAMPGROUND: Bolding Mill Army Corps of Engineers Campground at Lake Sidney Lanier. See previous description

As we were preparing morning coffee, we could not find the plastic strainer that is a vital part of our coffee maker. We looked everywhere (didn’t take long). I finally thought back and realized that the only place it could be is in the garbage, perhaps falling in when I cleaned out the mechanism yesterday when I put the grounds in the garbage. Of course, we had taken yesterday’s garbage to the dumpster already. So off we went to the dumpster to do some diving!

First, we had to fight off a big buzzard that wanted to check out the dumpster, too. Then, I looked at the various bags, trying to find something that looked familiar.


I’m going in!………..

Miraculously, we found our bag of garbage, and sure enough, there was the strainer. I bet I don’t do that again!!!

Our highlight today was meeting up with 2 women that I met 19 years ago for lunch. We were part of a 5-person team to northeastern Argentina called Group Study Exchange, as part of Rotary International. At the time, we were living in Augusta, and the Rotary clubs there were recruiting 4 business people plus one leader to spend about 6 weeks there to learn about that their careers in that country, plus help the Argentinians get to know us. Since I was working in healthcare, every day I visited different hospitals. One of the women with me today was an engineer, and the Argentine Rotarians took her to sewers every day. We always had a laugh. The other woman was a teacher, so she visited schools. We lived with families in small towns. Almost every evening, we spoke at a different Rotary club meeting. In the USA, they are generally lunch meetings. In Argentina, they were always at night. A Rotarian would tell us that they would pick us up about 9:00 (PM) for the meeting. Well, they usually got there about 10:00. Then, lots of wine, followed by a lovely meal. Then, the program – us! Speaking in Spanish, I would give my little speech about midnight. That is really something for me – as I am an early-to-bed type of person. We had a wonderful experience together, and it was great seeing them after 19 years!

In the restaurant, I noticed this cute and practical sign on the restroom doors.

We drove around in the afternoon. The countryside is full of kudzu….

Kudzu was brought to the USA many years ago from Asia, thinking that it would be a good, cheap food for cattle. Turns out that the cows don’t like it, but kudzu loves the climate in the south. These vines are everywhere, choking out other trees and bushes.

DINNER: Grilled chicken in the Asian sauce I used to marinate cucumbers the other night. Quinoa with caramalized onions, mushrooms, and zucchini. Good, except I don’t think I cooked the quinoa correctly. Will have to study up on that.

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