Off to Bordeaux

LOCATION: Bordeaux, France

WEATHER: Rain in AM; nice in PM. High 70

We said good-bye to our homeowners and cats, dropped off our rental car in Bergerac, and hopped on the train to Bordeaux. The train ride was mostly through wine country, including another glimpse of beautiful St. Emilion…

We heard that Bordeaux is expensive, so we are trying to economize. We bought a 24-hour tram/bus/water taxi ticket that gives us free entry to the Cité de Vin Center and an open-air sightseeing tour of the city. We took the tour in the PM, enjoying the sites…

Bordeaux is a beautiful town with a rich history.

To get our money’s worth out of the transportation card, we took a tram to the outskirts of the city, then the bus (also included) back to downtown, just to see more of the city.

We stopped at a sidewalk cafe to people watch, which has the effect of making me feel dowdy as compared to the chic French women.

Then, dinner at this neat restaurant near our hotel…

We shared a big pot of steamed mussels with French fries. Very good!

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