Picturesque French village with a lot of Brits!

LOCATION: Housesitting in SW France, between Bergerac and Bordeaux

WEATHER: Rain most of the day. High upper 60s

Being our last day here, we spent the morning tidying up and packing a bit. Then we hit the road for a village that our homeowners had recommended.

It was about an hour away. They told us that part of the road was “wibbly-wobbly” and indeed it was – hairpin curves and one-lane roads. Very beautiful scenery.

This village won an award for being France’s most picturesque village. It was very cute.

It would have been every prettier with sunshine. The streets were full of outdoor cafes and nice shops…..and tourists. We found a cute bar/restaurant with a terrace overlooking the lower part of the village. Its wall was made of old doors and signs.

We saw British and Dutch car license plates in the parking lot, and heard English spoken everywhere. The restaurant was owned by a Swede and run by a Brit. The British waiter said that this area of France is full of English ex-pats due to the lower cost of living and nice lifestyle. Also it is a popular wedding venue for Brits.

The homeowners returned in the afternoon. Then, we went in to Bergerac for a lovely dinner. We went to a tiny restaurant that is one of their favorites.

As with many French restaurants, they have about 4 starters and 4 main dishes from which to choose, on a fixed price menu. For my starter, I had white asparagus. It was served with toast points, some dabs of sauces and a poached egg. For my main, I had rack of lamb, again with dollops of sauces and some veg. All the dishes were beautifully plated. George had crab as a starter and rabbit for his main. At each course, the waiter (the chef/owner’s wife) stood by the table and explained each dish – very French. A great send-off for Bergerac.

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