Foie gras meets morel mushrooms. Wowsi!

LOCATION: Housesitting in SW France – between Bergerac and Bordeaux

WEATHER: Light rain all day. High 60s

George started the day by fishing out a dead frog from the swimming pool. Sad…

Then, we took off for today’s outing, our destination being a chateau where American singer/burlesque dance Josephine Baker used to live.

Our GPS let us down again. We were doing fine until it had us get off the main road to a secondary road. We were a bit uneasy, as there was no signage for our destination. We passed through beautiful medieval villages, and by old chateaux and churches. Just beautiful. But then, the GPS instructed us to turn down this lane….

From there, the lane deteriorated further, and we ended up in a farmer’s driveway. The GPS was not too helpful…

We turned off the GPS, retraced our route, and finally saw a sign for the chateau. We thought we should eat before we started touring the chateau, so we pulled off the road to try this restaurant. What a find!

We sat overlooking the Dordogne River

George ordered a dish which ended up being one of the best meals we have ever had. It was foie gras, lightly seared to perfection, over a bed of tagliatelle in a morel mushroom sauce. It doesn’t get much better than this!!!!!

The chateau we visited was outstanding. We learned about Josephine Baker, a black woman from Missouri who ended up in France as a singer and burlesque dancer. She bought this chateau and raised a large family of adopted, multi-racial children. She ended up bankrupt. Recently, new owners bought the chateau and renovated it and the gardens beautifully.

DINNER: Being our last dinner here, I tried to use up leftovers. Pasta with lots of veg in a cream sauce. Certainly can’t compare to lunch!

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