Back to see Cyrano in Bergerac

LOCATION: Housesitting in SW France, between Bergerac and Bordeaux

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 75. Rain in the late PM and overnight

This area of France retains a culture of slow living. During the week, we are not allowed to make noise (like mow the grass) between noon and 2:00. Ditto for all day Sunday. Many shops close between those hours, and almost everything closes up all day Sundays, including supermarkets. Knowing that the small towns would be absolutely dead today (Sunday), we returned to bigger Bergerac for the day.

Roses grow really well here. This is our neighbor’s house on our way out for the day…

In Bergerac, we checked out the newer of the 2 Cyrano de Bergerac statues. He and I are comparing noses…..

We strolled around the streets, admiring the architecture

After a nice pizza lunch in an outdoor cafe on the Cyrano de Bergerac plaza, we took a boat ride on one of the old flat-bottom boats that used to be used to haul cargo on the Dordogne.

The guide tried to do some of the commentary in English for us. Really cute.

DINNER: Pasta with a veg Bolognese sauce. Artichokes from the farmers’ market for an appetizer.

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