Lovely St. Emilion

LOCATION: Housesitting in SW France -between Bergerac and Bordeaux

WEATHER: Very nice Highs in 70s. Rain in late PM

We checked out the market at a nearby village. It is one of the largest markets in the area.

Not only do they sell the normal farmers’ market veg, flowers and fruit, but they also have a huge seafood section, lots of cheeses and pates, artisan baguettes, and of course – foie gras. We bought some veg, a herb-crusted hard salami, spicy tapenade, and a baguette. White asparagus are in season and they were beautifully displayed.

We returned home and did a few chores, including finishing up the mowing. They have a big yard so it is a pretty big job.

Then, off to St. Emilion, one of the most famous Bordeaux wine regions We stopped for a picnic along the Dordogne River – a baguette sandwich with some tasty cheese and the salami we bought at the market.

St. Emilion is a beautiful old city. Surrounded by chateaux and vineyards, it sits atop a hill that you can see from a long distance.

Although a bit touristy, it is still quite nice – almost every shop is a wine shop or wine restaurant.

We learned that you need an appointment to visit most wineries. We stopped in one wine shop to taste and buy some wines. They only do reds in this appellation.

If we have time, we might make an appointment and visit one of the wineries next week.

It poured in the late PM (conveniently after our day trip) so we won’t need to water the veg for awhile.

DINNER: Paella that I bought at the farmers’ market this AM. It was surprisingly good – big chunks of chicken, shrimp and sausage. Arugula (or as they say in Europe – rocket) salad, and flat beans, also a market purchase.

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