Getting lost among the vineyards

LOCATION: Housesitting between Bergerac and Bordeaux in SW France

WEATHER: Some sprinkles, then sun. Highs in 70s

At this assignment, we are taking care of 3 cats. We don’t see too much of them, as they like to bask in the sun. They come inside at mealtimes, and each goes to his designated, labeled bowl….

Then we were off to one of the many chateaux in the region. The GPS wasn’t working correctly, and took us to the wrong place. On the upside that meant that we drove hours through tiny villages and through vineyards and vineyards and vineyards – you get the picture.

Finally arrived there, but too late for the restaurant that our homeowners had recommended. Lunch in most places is served between 12:00 and 2:00, but you have to be there and order no later than 12:30 or so. We arrived at 1:00, and they turned us away even though there were tables available. So, we went to a little bar and had a nice vegetable/cold cut platter that was excellent – and was a lot cheaper than the restaurant would have been!

This is the 12th century castle there…..

We found the town’s wine center – where they have info about the wines in the region and let you sample some. Even though we are only 25 miles or so from our house, this is considered a different “terroir”, therefore different wines. We bought 2 – one red and one white.

As we were walking around the village, I saw this condom machine along the wall in the parking lot. The French have a different (more open) approach to sex. Interesting, though, that the name of the machine is in English ”love sex”. :-).

Back home, we did some of our chores. I mowed the grass some (until I pooped out) and picked a big bowl of strawberries…

DINNER: Omelette with vegetables and potatoes. A crunchy baguette on the side and some beautiful, steamed asparagus. Oh, and did I say wine?

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