Glitches in Traveling

The Glitches of Traveling

LOCATION: Traveling from Gloucester to SW France

WEATHER: Sunny in Ross-on-Rye, Drizzle in London. Highs 70

As I wrote yesterday, we had a wicked surprise via email last night informing us that our flight to Bergarac, France to get to our next assignment was canceled. It is due to an Air Traffic Controllers’ strike throughout SW France. So, it wouldn’t make sense to try to find another flight to that area. Frantically we researched other options. We looked at the Eurostar train (through the Chunnel). $600 USD for the 2 of us, plus a requirement to take a bus in Paris from one station to another station with a tight time frame. So, that was out, too. Also rumors of train strikes in France this coming week, too. We had to resort to the bus option.

Originally, we had nice plans to go from Gloucester to London Stansted Airport where we had reserved a cute little hotel/inn, with a leisurely stay and a flight on Tuesday AM direct to Bergarac. The best laid plans…..Now, we will travel by bus to London (3.5 hours), then wait in London for 7 hours, then catch a 9:00 PM bus which will get us to Bordeaux at 3:45 PM tomorrow. We got a refund on our flight, but we lost our money on the hotel. The bus will be $70 USD more than the flight. Crazy. Plus, once we get to Bordeaux, we will have to find a train to Bergarac, then a taxi to the hotel which is near the airport. With all the travel we have done in the last 5 years, this is really the first major glitch we have had. On a positive note, we have a day buffer between housesits, so we can get to the next assignment on time.

With that “sorted out”, we went to bed last night knowing that this would be the last comfortable sleeping arrangement for awhile.

This morning, we said good-bye to our cute little Jack Russell dogs at our housesitting assignment in Ross-on-Wye. The homeowner kindly drove us from Ross to Gloucester, about 45 minutes. From there, we caught the bus and rode through the lovely Cotswolds. As we neared London, we rode near the Chelsea Flower Show area, a very famous event that just started.

The bus dropped us off at Victoria Coach Station which is the same station that we will leave from tonight for France. We will be back here in about 2 weeks, so we checked out our future travel arrangements to Gatwick Airport and found the hotel that we have booked for the night before. We were just killing time, without sitting on our bums (in preparation for the bus trip!)

We enjoyed this nice pub for a drink where we will probably eat dinner at when we return to this area in 2 weeks. The sign outside said that Churchill lived near here and frequented the pub.

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