Checking out pubs with our dogs

LOCATION: Housesitting in Ross-on-Wye in western England

WEATHER: Beautiful. Sunny. High 68

Wanting to take advantage of the beautiful weather, we walked through town down to the Wye River. As I said yesterday, tourism got its start in this area. Today, I saw a plaque showing that Lord Nelson “vacationed” here.

We hiked along the river walk, along with a lot of other people and dogs. Our dogs seemed to enjoy the 2-mile hike. We were in search of a pub with a view of the river. Eureka – we found a nice one!

The dogs sipped water, compliments of the pub, and we enjoyed a beer brewed in the Wye Valley and a cider made in the next-door town. This valley has a lot of apple trees, and is famous for its cider.

On our way back home, we stopped at another pub to quench our thirst. We were assured that dogs are welcomed here…

Since the weather is so nice, all the outdoor seats were taken, so we sat inside. As we were sipping our beers (another one from this valley), we watched the bar maid pull the last of one of the beers. (It was the Butty Bach ale which we were drinking; its name is a Welsh term for little friend). She came over to our table, opened the hatch door, and went down into the dark cellar to put on a new keg.

DINNER: Parmesan-encrusted pork chops and grilled polenta slices. Side salad. I seared the chops on top of the stove, then covered them with parmesan. I baked them until they had a nice crust. Yummy!

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