Good-bye Belgium; Hello Roma!

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

WEATHER: Cloudy and in the 50s – Belgium; Sunny and 75 in Rome

The best thing about traveling is meeting people and making great friendships. We have spent the last week with friends Tony and Jenny from Nova Scotia whom we met camping in Newfoundland 5 years ago. Since then, we have met up with them in 10 places, all over the world.

After a great week in Ghent, they dropped us off at the train station in Brussels where we reunited with another couple, Daniel and Minnie, whom we also met camping. They are from San Francisco and we met in a Texas state park 4 years ago. They are traveling around Europe for 6 months, and it just so happened that we were in Brussels at the same time. We had lunch and caught up…..

George said a final goodbye to Belgian beers, and then we were off on an airplane to Rome.

We arrived in Rome, flying on the cheap airline Ryanair, at about 7;30 PM. We were planning to take the train into the city, then walk to our B&B. It was getting late, and we were dreading all the connections. So, when a guy approached us offering to take us directly to our B&B for about the same price as the train, we took it. Rome is always a bit shady on these types of things. We were wary, but it seemed to be legit……until he dropped us off at the wrong place. It was an apartment building. I showed the address to some people, and they scratched their heads with the address. Uh-oh – does that mean that we are a long way away? Turns out that we were fairly close, and after asking again at a pizza place, we found it.

After settling in, we found a very nice bistro just steps from our B&B. I had some delicious pasta with wild mushrooms in a garlic/butter sauce.

Tomorrow we will figure out the train and bus to get to our cruise ship for an 8-night cruise around Italy.

One thought on “Good-bye Belgium; Hello Roma!

  1. Nancy Hochbein

    Hi Karmen and George. Happy Belated Birthday, George! Sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun recently meeting up with your friends. I woke up early today so here I am on the computer. Just reviewed your past couple of weeks of travel. Your good times with Tony and Jenny and other friends you’ve met while traveling came shining through in your blog. It is always fun to read it. Enjoy today! Keep in touch.


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