The Best Beer in the World (Times Two)!

LOCATION: Visiting with friends in Ghent, Belgium

WEATHER: Cool. Highs about 60

We stayed around Ghent today doing further exploration. We walked into the old part of town, along streets full of bicyclists. Ghent is a big university town, so there are lots of students riding around.

Our first stop was lunch. We shared a basket of chicken wings. In Belgium, each beer has it own special glass, resulting in a lot of glassware. This is the rack at our restaurant…

The cupboard in our AirB&B also is full of glasses. Here are the beers, each it its own type of glass, showcased by Tony and Jenny, that we had at lunch.

The sun came out, and so did the people. Lots of people enjoying the canals.

We went to a bar where they offer more than 500 Belgian beers.

George had the beer that Beer Advocate and others rate as the best beer in the world. It is the one made at the abbey we drove by yesterday – where people were lined up in their cars to pick up their orders. The bottle does not have any label. George’s beer was $15.

Jenny and Tony had a Delirium Tremens, also billed as the best beer in the world. So – either way, we had the 2 best!

After all that beer, this street urinal came in handy – although it was too high for George!!!

DINNER: Pizza. We jazzed up some store-made pizzas with leftovers- onions, bacon and mushrooms. Really good

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