An adventure in Antwerp

LOCATION: With our friends in Ghent, Belgium

WEATHER: Quite cool. Highs in 50s. Cloudy

Today’s destination was Antwerp, about 30 miles away. It should have been a short trip, but we got into some bad traffic and lots of construction in the city.

Antwerp’s cathedral is its most famous landmark. It is hard to imagine, but it is 2.5 acres inside!

We walked around the old part of the city. As with Ghent and Bruges, there is beautiful old architecture.

We stopped for a panini and beer lunch at an outdoor cafe on one of the plazas.

The train station is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Antwerp is supposedly the diamond capital of the world, and we certainly did see a lot of jewelry shops.

We visited a printing museum, a UNESCO site. Very interesting to see how they had to print things in the 1500s, before the printing press. Here is George “fonting” around…

DINNER: Back home, it was my time to cook. We had pasta with artichoke hearts, shrimp and veg in a Parmesan sauce.

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