Belgian everything! Belgian fries, Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolate, and of course Belgian beer!

LOCATION: Ghent Belgium

WEATHER: Cool – about 60 and nice

Our first full day in Belgium with our friends Tony and Jenny was jam-packed fun. We walked from our AirB&B into town, following a canal, about an hour walk.

Arriving in the old town, we encountered lovely town squares around every corner.

The old architecture is fantastic. Many beautiful churches. Lots of outdoor cafes.

Belgium is famous for its frites (French fries). There are many stands where you can buy them, along with an assortment of sauces from which to choose.

We ordered ours with Andalusian sauce, a kind of spicy mayo..

We walked past the restaurant that invented the Belgian waffles, and watched a lot of people eating them as street food. We also passed a lot of chocolate shops. We found a brewery (of course) and did a tasting and had some bread and pate with the beer. Very tasty.

More walking around, admiring the architecture and historic buildings, with an occasional stop in an outdoor cafe for a rest and a beer.

There are bicyclists everywhere – you have to get out of their way. Here are some parked in front of the train station…

We took the tram back to our Air B&B, only getting lost a couple of times.

DINNER: We are taking turns fixing dinner. Tonight was my turn. I made an Asian stir-fry with chicken.

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