Bus to Belgium!

LOCATION: Ghent, Belgium

WEATHER: Beautiful. High 70s and sunny

We got up quite early to prepare for our trip today. We played with the dogs, and I did some last-minute tinkling of the ivories on the homeowners’ grand piano

The day was filled a busy travel itinerary. Everything worked! First the taxi picked us at the lodge where we were housesitting, exactly on time. He got us to the train station early, so we took an earlier train into London. Then, we jumped on the tube just as it was leaving the station – literally, George’s backpack got stuck in the door.

From Victoria train station, we were supposed to walk to the Victoria coach (bus) station. We turned the wrong way and ended up in Buckingham Palace! Oops! George asked a doorman at a fancy hotel for directions.

Then, we caught the bus from London to Ghent, Belgium. It took us almost 2 hours just to get through the city as there was terrible London Marathon traffic. After about 2 hours through SE England, we arrived at the English Channel Tunnel. It was an interesting experience – one more thing to check off the bucket list. Each vehicle gets a reservation to travel through. We did passport control in England and France, then our bus boarded this strange-looking grey, windowless train. It looked like something that the Auschwitz prisoners boarded.

Inside, it was like being in the bottom of a car ferry. It took about 35 minutes to get through the tunnel.

Here is our route of our 6.5 hour bus route.

After about 2 hours traveling through northern France and western Belgium, we arrived in Ghent, where this sign welcomed us!

We met our friends Tony and Jenny from Nova Scotia who are traveling through Europe this spring. We’ve rented an AirB&B together here for a week. It is so fun seeing them again.

DINNER: Tony prepared dinner tonight. – stuffed pasta and a green salad. With, of course, some good Belgian beer.

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