Last day for this housesitting assignment

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Cambridge, England

WEATHER: Third day in a row with fantastic weather. Highs in 70s & sunny

Today is our last day here at this assignment, so we took it easy. We walked the dogs – I walked them in the fields behind our house. Once I put on my “wellies”, the dogs go berserk knowing that this means “walk”. They dash to the gate that leads out to the fields. Then, George walked them around the estate, watching one dog almost getting a pheasant.

In addition to the dogs here, we also have a cat. She mostly sleeps in this chair, and then is outside catching mice

We drove to a village near us for a nice pub lunch. We had lamb skewers, Greek-style. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather, and chatted with this cyclist.

This pub, like many, have water stations for dogs. This one is cute…

Since today is our last day, we spent time tidying up and I cooked a couple of meals for the homeowners’ return.

DINNER: Leftover fish with some veg.

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