A return visit to Cambridge

LOCATION: Housesitting near Cambridge, England

WEATHER: Another fab day – 70s and sunny

Today was another hectic day here at the estate – gardeners and housekeeper coming and going. So, after a long walk in the fields with the dogs, we headed back to Cambridge to get out of their way.

We took the train as parking there is impossible. In the week that we have been here, the flowers and trees have really “popped”. The rape seed fields have turned from green to beautiful golden yellow. This is the view of a field from the train…

There is a lot to do in Cambridge, and we wanted to tic off more of Trip Advisor’s “Top 10 Things to do in Cambridge” list. First up was lunch. We went to the Eagle Pub, Cambridge’s oldest pub, built in 1353. It has two major claims to fame: 1) Cambridge scientists Francis Crick and James Watson used to eat here 6 nights a week. One night they came into the pub shouting “We have discovered the secret of life”, announcing their discovery of DNA. And 2) the RAF (Royal Air Force) and American soldiers used to hang out here waiting to be called to the front. As they waited, they drew pictures and wrote their names on the bar’s ceiling, using candles and lipstick.

We walked through a lot of the Cambridge colleges. Lots of tourists and students. The students were enjoying the sun on the green.

Then, we took the bus to a village outside of Cambridge, also on the Trip Advisor list. One reader had described the village as a bit “twee” and perhaps it is, but it is darned cute – with almost every building having a thatched roof!

Even the pubs!

Back home, we relaxed on the deck and ate dinner “al fresco” since the weather is so gorgeous

DINNER: Using some of the leftover roast chicken, I made an Asian pasta dish with chicken, green onions, mushrooms, and ginger with sesame oil and soy sauce

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