Country estate living

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Cambridge, England

WEATHER: Some sun. Yay! High upper 50s

We roamed the estate, admiring the old buildings and beautiful gardens. A cock pheasant was checking out the tennis courts. The flowers are all starting to bloom, especially the tulips.

We went into the nearest big town to do some shopping. I got a much-needed haircut. Getting a haircut in a different country is always stressful. At least here I can tell them what I want in English! We had lunch in a nice pub – a phyllo encrusted cheesy spinach mix. Never-shy George struck up a conversation with the man seated next to us who gave us some good tips about places to visit.

Back home, George walked the dogs around the gardens and woods.

Doesn’t he look like a country gentleman?

This dog got tuckered out after the walk…

We did a bunch of computer stuff, mostly figuring out how to get to Belgium from here. Lots of options – bus, train or airplane.

DINNER: Using some English sausages the homeowners had left, I made some pasta with tomato/sausage sauce.

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