Last day in Yorkshire

LOCATION: Housesitting in Yorkshire, England

WEATHER: Sadly, another dreary day. Rainy, overcast. High 50

Another pub-weather day, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately? . To make the most of it, we took a trip to a country pub/inn that won 3rd place in the Yorkshire Best Pub Contest. We learned that it is the town where the real James Herriot lived. I don’t think this was his house, but it is one in the village….

We shared one of their 2-course specials. First course was homemade liver pate with rocket (arugula) salad

Second course was a cauliflower curry. Pubs have certainly come a long way food-wise. Years ago, you could only get chips and other over cooked, fried foods.

The pub has a nice outside eating area for the summer months.

Back home, we prepared for the homeowners’ return. We went out to dinner at one of the village pubs. Now we have eaten in all 3! We shared a corned beef pie and chatted with some of the local guys.

Then, we drove about 25 miles to the regional airport and picked up our homeowners. They have been in Hong Kong visiting their son. They flew from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, and then to here. They were happy to see their dogs!

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