“Udderly” delicious tacos

LOCATION: Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

WEATHER: Another picture-perfect day

Today is our last full day in Loreto. We decided to do a taco and a margarita tasting test. There are a lot of hole-in-the-wall taco joints with very interesting offerings…

This one offers…


Cabeza = head

Carne Asada = Roast beef

Tripitas = Little cute tripe bits (intestine lining)

This one specializes in beef head delicacies..

Ricos tacos de cabeza = Delicious head tacos

Lengua = tongue

Ojo = eye

Seso = brains

Cachete = cheek

Labio – lips

Consume – beef broth

One more to check out….

Tripa = tripe = intestine lining

Adobada – Marinated beef

Ubre = – udder (sounds chewy!)

Asada – roast beef

Finally, we settled on this little place with a blackboard sign hanging over a motorbike…

Tortas ahogadas = drowning sandwich

Tacos ahogadas = drowning tacos

We had one of each. They turned out to be BBQ pork “drowned’ with a meat broth. Very tasty!

Then, we went to two different restaurants, both claiming to have the best margaritas in town. Both tasty. Great way to end our stay in lovely Loreto!

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