Around Loreto…

LOCATION: Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

WEATHER: Another gorgeous day

Today was our day to relax. We started with brunch at a downtown cafe. George had a delicious bean soup. Then, we wandered around town. We noticed more activity than usual – greater police presence and more sideway shops open. Curious….

We are staying in a cluster of about 10 homes. Very quiet. They seem to be a mix of resident owners and rentals. Beautifully landscaped, showcased by equally beautiful daughter Alexis…

In the late afternoon, she and I took a walk toward the waterfront. We heard a strange noise in the supermarket parking lot. As we turned the corner, we saw a sight we’d never seen before – a bunch of “kids” in the back of a pickup…

Then, lots of honking in the street in front of our house. We realized it was a funeral, starting with a police escort, then a big semi-truck with beer-drinking people loaded in the back along with the coffin, followed by lots of cars, all blasting their horns. Quite a sight!

We talked with some locals who told us that there is a cruise ship in the bay. The restaurants pulled out all their stops, and quickly erased the blackboard menu prices in pesos and substituted them with US dollars. We saw the cruise ship in deeper waters with small boats bringing the tourists in to town..

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