Blue-footed boobies, flying manta-rays and sea wolves!

LOCATION: Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

WEATHER: Same perfection – sunny and highs in mid 70s

Today was our big excursion – an eco-tour 5-hour boat ride around the island in front of our bay. It is a UNESCO-protected area. We climbed aboard a tiny “panga” boat and were greeted by the captain and his son. After about 45 minutes, we approached the island and motored around it. Lots and lots of guano! The rock formations were beautiful, as the island used to have an active volcano.

We could smell them before we saw them — hundreds of sea lions basking in the sun. In Spanish, they are called “lobos marineros” which translates as sea wolves.

Then, we sited the blue-footed boobies, called “bobos” in Spanish.

They change color when they are trying to seduce a mate.

Then, we moored at a beautiful beach on the island. It was a bit too chilly to swim, so we hiked around some, and lay in the sun. We had the island to ourselves.

The captain provided lunch for us under a palapa. During the trip, we didn’t see any whales or the promised flying manta-rays, but did follow lots of dolphins frolicking around our boat as we returned to the mainland. George turned into a pirate during the boat ride…

We stopped at one of the seaside cafes for happy hour that included free grilled chocolate clams. Free!

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