Chocolate clams?

LOCATION: Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

WEATHER: Very nice. Highs in 70s

We spent time strolling around the little downtown of Loreto. First up was to arrange a boat tour around the island tomorrow. Then, we found ourselves back in the brewpub (only good beer in town) for chocolate clams. They are quite common here. First we thought, clams in a chocolate sauce? Yuck! No, chocolate clams are simply the type of clam that is common here. We shared an order of grilled ones, then a bowl of clam chowder.

Then, we went t-shirt shopping. Alexis bought one in a “psychedelic” shop.

We ended up our downtown excursion with a stop at the spa — manicures and pedicures for George and Alexis

Back at the “casa”, George made shrimp and grits (delicious) with the leftover grilled shrimp.

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