Who goes to Mexico via Calgary? We do!

LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

WEATHER: COLD! -20 C; -9 F

We have had a great stay in Minnesota. We presented “Reids on the Road – How Two Retirees Are Traveling the World on a Shoestring Budget” to the library, and then to four civic groups. Everyone seemed to enjoy the presentations, and we had fun doing them. We did our Mayo Clinic appointments, an annual dentist exam, and the all-important beauty shop appointment. We had some nice get-together with friends and former neighbors, and some delicious dinners at the home of our daughter Alexis’s partner’s parents.

We are now in Calgary, overnighting here to take a flight tomorrow to Loreto in Baja California, Mexico. We had visited Loreto a few years ago while camping in our Airstream. We really liked the town – not too big and touristy. We discovered that it is very popular among Canadians, so much so that in the winter there is a weekly direct flight from Calgary to Loreto. So, we are making this journey….

Calgary is experiencing an unusual amount of snowfall. On the 3-hour flight, we flew over never-ending miles of snowy fields between Minneapolis and Calgary, landing in this winter wonderland.

We will get together with my cousin Janice who lives here. Then, early tomorrow to warm Mexico !

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