Being a tourist in South Texas

LOCATION: Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Nice. High mid 70s

After a huevos rancheros homemade breakfast, we took our friend Heather over to South Padre Island, about 1.5 hours from here. First stop was lunch at a bay front restaurant.

We had delicious “caldo de mariscos” — a hearty seafood stew. Then, over the bridge to the island. Heather got her toes wet in the ocean and we drove around the island. We stopped for this photo of one of the many sand castles that dot the island.

Then, to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center. They are busy now, providing temporary kiddie-pool shelters to turtles that have been stunned by the recent cold weather/water.

On our way home, we stopped in the Mexico border town to buy some margarita glasses for our friends in Nova Scotia. We will deliver the glasses to them when we meet up with them this summer in News Brunswick. Of course, we will need to christen them with a good margarita!

Back home, we wanted to watch the Vikings game, but we don’t get the channel that the game was on. So, we got out our binoculars and checked the score periodically on the neighbors’ outdoor TV! Funny!

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