Life in South Texas

LOCATION: Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Unpleasantly and unusually cold. Highs about 40

Today is supposed to be the last day of the cool/cold weather we are experiencing. Maybe back to 80 this weekend.

Meanwhile, to keep busy, we are busy organizing our spring/summer housesitting trip to Europe and then our summer/fall camping trip in the Airstream along the eastern USA coast up to NE Canada. We hope that we will get to Labrador, which is on our bucket list.

We are about 1 mile from the Mexican border. It is usually very tropical here. The main crops are sugar cane and citrus. They just harvested a field of sugar cane, burning the extra stalks.

In the late afternoon, just to get out of the house, we went to a Mexican restaurant that advertised $1 margaritas. They gave us a huge, complimentary, platter of tortilla chips and good salsas. We felt a bit embarrassed about not spending much money there, so we bought dinner to go… goat! Here it is cooking on the spit….

It was quite an experience – the “to go” bag was filled with tortillas, salsas, the goat, bean soup, rice and more tortilla chips. It was pretty tasty, and a bit strange, with small goat bones in the goat stew. It was the kind of place that we like to frequent – no one speaking much English, attentive waiters, and tables full of Mexican families.

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