Wine, Wit and Wisdom

LOCATION: Mission, Texas in our tiny house

WEATHER: Cold for this part of Texas. Highs 30s-40s. Sleet

Today was a good day to stay in. We spent time planning our upcoming trips. We also worked on the presentation that we will be making soon at the Rochester, Minnesota Public Library’s annual fundraiser called Wine, Wit and Wisdom.

We will be speaking about how we live life on the road, on a shoestring budget. This is the blurb about our presentation….

As you can see, another speaker is this RN from Somalia. It promises to be an interesting evening, and a great event for the library.

As an outing today, we went to Michael’s to buy a picture frame. On one wall in our tiny house, we have photos from various housesitting assignments through Today we framed a newspaper article that I had written last year for the Rochester, Minnesota newspaper.

Then, we did a little clothes shopping so we will have something a bit dressy to wear for our presentations.

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