Is it margarita time yet?

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Windy but nice – 70ish

Since we are so close to the Mexican border (less than 1 mile), there is a huge Mexican influence here. Tons of Mexican restaurants, some touristy, and some really authentic ones where everyone only speaks Spanish. Needless to say, a lot of margaritas are served.

The last time we were in Mexico (at a border town), our friends Tony and Jenny bought us some really nice glasses for margaritas. The color choices are endless….

I previously was not a big fan of margaritas. The ones in bars are generally made with a mix that I find artificially sweet. However, I’ve found a recipe and make them from scratch and now really like them – could be dangerous! The recipe is so easy….

1 jigger of tequila. Best with a medium-priced tequila. Avoid the cheapest ones.

1 jigger of triple sec

1 jigger of lime juice

1 jigger of lemon juice

Salt the rims (optional), add all these jiggers, then plenty of ice. Serve with slices of lime. Some people add a pinch of sugar, but I prefer the sour taste. I’ve also heard that you can substitute orange juice for lemon juice for a taste twist.

Salud! For cold-weather readers… this for a nice hot summer day!

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