Relaxing in Retama

LOCATION: Retama Village in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Windy. Highs in 70s

We are settling back into our “tiny house”. Retama Village is a community primarily for RVers. There are some non-RV sites, but several of the lots have small houses or carriages with driveways for the residents’ RVs. This is our Airstream next to the house.

Our house is 12 X 40, which is really more house than we need. Small kitchen/dining/living area plus bathroom with a walk-in shower, and bedroom. What more could one want?

Almost all the “winter Texans” are here now, and almost every lot seems to be occupied. There are some big rigs.

We have some new neighbors with a retro motor home.

In the afternoon I did my daily water aerobics class, which I really like.

We are making friends and are joining a few groups.

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